Friday, January 27, 2017

What's in your bag?

Guys, seriously I need to start writing again but I have no idea what should I ramble about nowadays. My shitty routine be like, wake up for work feeling like death, then go back home to hug my bed and the cycle kept repeating the same everyday. Adulthood sucks.

I wish I can be a child again and witness more things with a different and fun perspectives but if I'm acting childish and play outside with all the children in my neighborhood I would have gotten myself arrested. Plus I would have been the bitchiest person in the group.

Imma be like;

''HAHA you're ugly!!!'
"HAHA nobody wants to play with you!!!''
''HAHA I have the 48 color pencils set you bitch!!!''
Btw, to that same-aged kids in elementary who's always tease me because I have curly hair, I pray to God everyday that you gonna wake up tomorrow and have curly hair all over your body and your child would look like a curly beast because HAHA F*CK YOU!  

Kids are terrible when they're honest you know.  Nope, kids just f*cking sucks not just when they're honest but all the time.  I'd still want kids though when we're married but I'll remind them that life is going to hit them right in the face.  EVERYDAY!

Hahaha love you babies!!!

But seriously didn't your parents teach you to accept differences of other people instead of tormenting and teasing them?  That teachings should be adapted since they're babies.  Early childhood development is really important you know, especially for the child's self-esteem and confidence growth.  Humans aren't suppose to be the same, and that makes each and everyone of us beautiful.  Also karma is a bitch.
That's what it felt like when I was a child but if any kids say honest shit to me now I would just them a finger.  Someone should remind them that their lives gonna be suck.
Actually I'm here today is to share something that has nothing to do with the emotional trash above.  I just want to share to you guys of what I have in my bag.   I got inspired by this blog here and in response to the Youtube tag "What's in your bag?" that had been going on for some long ago but today is my turn.

Let's get started!

Firstly my bag must have this ointment because I have zero tolerance on motion illness. Bitch you don't know how sick I can be if suddenly the real time motion doesn't sync with my ear fluid. I could just lie down and do nothing for days.  Just the same as the time when I was unemployed.  Actually this doesn't help that much with the head spinning and the automated vomiting, but the smell I somehow is very soothing for me.  Even when I had some trouble sleeping, I would dab a bit on my nose and it helps me to doze off to the land where I can sit on Synyster Gates' face.  There was one time when the bottle cap had a broken slit, my whole bag had the smell and I was sniffing that shit like a crack addict.  

Second crap is the never ending tangled earphone.  This phenomenon is always a mystery to mankind. Sometimes I would just wear it tangled that way, and hold my phone near to the chin.  Bitch I'm to lazy for drama.

Third one is any random lipstick of the day.  I will always bring a lip color with me just in case for touch ups which I never did.  But who knows you might need to pucker up your resting bitch face in front of yo cheap haters ayyy.

Lastly my holo card pouch and wallet.  Coz bitch, Imma holosexual! 
It may got no money in it but I got all da holo!!!

Okay I'm getting lazy here, so thanks for reading and bye!

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