Monday, November 28, 2016

My Holosexuality

Well just so you know, I'm a legit HOLOSEXUAL!!!

Thanks to Cristine from SimplyNailogical, I am now a rainbow glitter Goth.  Also managed to convert my boyfriend to be one and he's loving the holosexuality apart from being a true metal guy.

Look at ma nailz!!! This is all your fault Cristine!!!

I'm enjoying this holosexuality as it has already spread to my most favourite stationery store, Typo.  Omg what's not to love guys?  Come on!!!  Stationeries and Holo, the 2 general crap that I like to waste my money on. lol!!!  

Last week was Black Friday and I had no regrets for spending my money in Typo.  After getting off work, I forced my mom to go out with me.  She was like when the hell did I ever give a shit about Black Friday.  Well, actually never, but I really need those Holo items from that store plus with 30% discount why the hell should I never bother about this?  It's like ignoring a gold mine but in this case, I'm spending my golds instead of keeping them 😢😢😢

So here what I got during Black Friday sales;

Feel the Holo Porno...

Look at ma Holo...


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