Thursday, March 20, 2014

Total crap.

Hey guys, so it's finally here.  The finale!!!

I'll be away for a month maybe due to trying so hard to score for finals but I know I would ended up being disappointed again and again..  But that's life, full of crap and disappointment.  No shit!!!

So yeah, hopefully I'll be doing my best with the exams and get back on track after a huge flop last semester (which is not 100% my fault) and after that will be a very loooooonnnnngggg holidays which I can't wait because I'm excited for dressmaking especially for the Eid Day dress.  And I was considering to be a tutor at my old tuition centre..  I can smell the sense of a bad teacher hahaha
credits to google
or I'll be telling stories about pokemon to them -.-

So yeah, wish me luck peeps

Have a nice day 

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