Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pre finals hauls...Shockingly I bought short novels...

Nothing interesting from my haul here just to share my happiness after finding dressmaking tools at a very good price...hahaha..

sorry no clothes at the moment because, I'm saving for my fashion artwork..  

so, I found this cute measuring tape...push the nose and pull out the tape, to roll it back just push again the nose..  how adorable..

these 2 rollers are the coolest because I can't do a straight lines (they would be a bit slanted etc.).  So these tools will help a lot..

Also a sewer's chalk pen because fine tips are move likely to be accurate..

Also I made a good decision of spending 40 bucks for 2 short novels..  I gave everyone a big shock for bringing home books instead of video games..  Mom lost her words again (the first time when I secretly bought the 3ds)...

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