Monday, February 11, 2013

How I spent RM400 in a split second???

For this entry, I shall thank kak myra from for helping me to get all these stuff..

Ok, based on my title above, I did spent RM400 a few weeks back..Also yes in a split second..Well, actually I'm not a shopaholic bimbo (although sometimes I am) that used all my money for something unnecessary..  I asked my friend also a sister to me to help me getting some stuff from UK before she comes back to Malaysia..  And as a shopaholic, what the hell man only getting one thing from UK??  So yeah, that's how I fucked up..  Well actually the total money spent if I'm living in UK is only around 100++ pounds, and others just the currency being mean to me.. 



So here's what I got for myself ( I also bought Lanvin Marry Me perfume for mom):

1) A simple clutch+11 card slots+ zippers by Henry Holland (H!)

Debenhams UK (direct link)
When I got this, it was on sale (15 pounds) and it has a very good quality..  Very practical, like you can stuff all your cards, money (of course) and 2 mobile phones+1 small mp3 player..  Seriously I love it since i can stuff everything in this one cute purse..

It came in this cute lil pouch
The front part
Front and back (wide view)
On the inside (my most fav part)

My reaction:

2) Anne Stokes Duvet Cover+Pillow Case

EMP-Online UK (direct link)
I always wanted a simple gothic style bedding but it's hard to find any in my country so I decided to get one designed by one of the top gothic graphic artist, Anne Stokes..  The quality of the material is excellent and I shall sleep with peace..haha! Also, I got a free catalog magazine from them!  

My reaction:

3) Dorothy Perkins feather slouch bag

Dorothy Perkins UK (direct link)
This is not mine, but I helped out my bitch to include this order since she wanted this cute bag so freaking much..  It's really light-weight and has glossy kind material..  Also huge in size and totally can fit in your clothes if ever you want to run away from home..

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