Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Monthly Theme Post: New Year's Eve Loser Style!!!

Hello to all readers and bloggers and a very happy new year..  Ok back to normal, the greetings is so not my style.. Anyways, I'm posting a new entry responding to Ms. Kitty's January theme: New Year's Eve..  Yay!!! *boom!! boomm!!! boomm!!*

p/s: dear ms. kitty, i apologise that my link (Lady of Gothica) appeared twice on your linky :( .. i had some problems while posting the link at the first time so i tried again few minutes the anyway to remove one of my 2 posted links? 

God! How i really hate celebrating new year and I've never celebrated new year outside  because there will be traffic jams, places cluttered with people and so very much annoyance it can make me..  So decided since i was born that never to go out during new year's eve..  Just stay at home, slouching on the couch, watch some movies and stuff myself with coffee ice cream..  That's actually a forever alone type of fun, and it's seriously fun..  hahaha!

Unless, if there's a goth club near my house then I probably have a reason to go out and YOLO..  I swear I regret saying that YOLO word..  Errhhhmmaaggeeerrrrddd!!!

But, for this year, I'm at college during new year's eve and planning to stay up on bed playing some addictive games and watch running man, when suddenly my 2 friends came into my room and burst out laughing, dancing, singing and yelling ''happy new year!! happy new year!!!'', while the clock only showing at 9.30pm..

Then they went out to for dinner..

Later that night the ''concert'' continues as one of them singing spongebob squarepants theme song outloud and asked me to join them watching late night movie..  

Seriously, if your're with your crazy bitches during new year's then you're gonna have a great time but a crazy outcome..

we tied our hair, no make-up rule and let's get the lame 3 people party started!!!

* snap and pose and snap and pose and snap and pose* 

We were so normal for 10 seconds aaaaaannnddd it's gone. 
 I swear that we're not under influence of any chemical stuff that you can find from the chemistry textbook..



Kinda normal

Ok still under control

Annnnddddd it's out



Well that's how my new year's eve went by..  These retards made me celebrate new year and it was fun..  Soo, I slept at 1.10 am..  Am I that nerd?

Thanks for reading


Lady of Gothica



Porcelain Doll said...

This is so funny to read :) Obviously you had fun, even if you dislike all that mess about NYE celebration :)

linnea-maria said...

What a bunch of cute girls :)!
Good to hear that your frieds picked you up and took you out for some fun. Happy New Year!

Lady Of Gothica said...

@porcelaindoll aww glad that my entry is funny..happy new year to you dear!!!

@linnea-maria yeah im glad that i had some stuff to do during the eve..happy new year to you too!!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Lol! You look like you all had lots of fun. Happy new year!! :)

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