Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happiness = huge photos on every blog

Happiness comes from many different ways.. As for me:

Tons of cash + awesome make-up = Happiness

-Happiness number 1-

I have a major problem when it comes to black eyeliner because with my eyes and only black liner, they looked weird so I've been using dark brown liner for a long time.  But earlier today I found out that I was being so mega stupid.  Why didn't I just do a double layer of eye makeup??  Smudged dark brown as the base and very fine black line on top..  

Amy Lee VS "the very ignorant loser'' Me



*new lenses in sterling grey-Freshlook colorblends*

 -Happiness number 2-


I purchased 2 pairs of boots online and they are awesome and flat so I won't have any problem to run in these cuties..  

I bought from here:


amazing quality

 -Happiness number 3-

Synyster Gates...

Naaahhh, I love my wingman more..

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