Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bat Fit Track 5-be nice please...

Bat Fit Challenge 4: Be nice to yourself

For this time for bat fit challenge, I have to do something nice to myself.  Challenge accepted and everything I do will always make me happy..  For today, I really feel that I need to let go of my stress.  Must take note that I’m a SHOPAHOLIC..  Everywhere I go, I must but something (food always included hehe).  So, I’ve prepared a few missions that can entertain me.
  1)   Talk without feeling shy.  Just talk and somehow do standup comedy.
  2) Buy something
  3) Write anything

The last few weeks had been the most stressful weeks of this semester but yet it still doesn’t include our final exam weeks.  Preferably called as ‘’Weeks of Hell’’.  Lots of tests to go through and they are quite tough for me since I really suck at calculating stuff..  Like I said to our language class public speaking just now ‘’sometimes I can even get the right answer with 5+8’’, then I sincerely counted using my fingers in front of everyone in the class..  Lunatic but kinda weird coz I wasn’t embarrassed by it.  Face it! I really suck dealing with numbers. 

Today’s class was nice because all of us had to do public speaking.  Our lecturer put some topics in a container then we have to pick up one of the topic randomly and without knowing anything bout it.  My topic was kinda boring I think.  It’s ‘’What would you like to get help for and why?’’.  I had a few moments of mental blockage since I can’t talk about knives or guns with that kind of topic, so I asked help from my friends for ideas and finally I chose ‘’need help with costing (management accounting)’’ which is a major fuck ass subject for this semester.  Well since it’s just a crazy talk so I started to skip from current miserableness to the times during high school..  But I had a great time coz I talk, talk and talk without stress..  Yay!!!
For that Mission 1 succeed! (yay!)

Since my university is doing some carnivals, I bought myself 2 boxes of mini perfume (DKNY and GUCCI).  Each box has 4-5 small bottles of fragrance.  And now I’m so glad that I owned every edition of DKNY Delicious (the rounded apple ones) and Flora by GUCCI. And the best part is, only cost me for RM80 (around USD27++).  But the risk is, the smell might only exist for 5 seconds after I use it..  It’s ok, I’ll experiment with it later.

For that again Mission 2 succeed!! Daebak!

And yes I just wrote something…
Mission 3 succeed

*Fuck yeah face*

With love,
Lady Of Gothica

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