Wednesday, November 25, 2009

2009 class partay!!! 4sc1 are mostly deadly halloween creature!!! kalo brani tgk la!!

banyak giler gambar time party tuh..ok2 x nak ltk bnyk pown dah tahap camwhoring plakxx...ok2..tgk jer la ape yg ader...thanxx to nai for the few pics yg aku cilok...

camner cik ponti boley ader kat blkg awk???

haus giler..aku paling pro buat mocktail..asal barathan mcm freak giler..hahahaha

Me and nai end up having the same witchy idea!!

what a dashing picture!!

me being the witch freaked out by the supermodel

the psycopathic creatures..avoid from meeting us...we are sooo crazy!!

mr romeo and i'm sooo not his juliet..

camwhoring buddies!!!

it's like a very halloweeenie disco partay!!!!

org dating jumpa jais, kitorg dating jumpa ANTU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me and my date..we are the gypsy and witchy sisters!!!

ezzat (the cowboy), rad (the big haired football maniac), atiqah (mrs. jack sparrow), and mai (the supergirl)

the cowboy turned into mr. potato and why do i look soo innocent?? (where is my evil eyes and lips make up??)

the camwhoring codenames!!

ignore this racy photo!!hahahahaha..shaun!!

we are the friendly ghoulish creature..


ikaysh. said...

ahah. nice2. :D

gothicvamp said...

thanxx..gempak ape bile skali2 dapt camwhoring

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