Sunday, May 1, 2016

A single Ikea trip is never enough...

Apparently I dragged my mom to go to Ikea with me yesterday because I need to get the Raskog cart to fill up all my planner, arts and crafts supplies on a movable medium. Little that I know (forgot is the real word) taking moms to Ikea would make a 15 minutes trip to 2 hours shopping spree.

Since I just got my paycheck, I just let mom take the stuff that she wanted and paid for her..that damn good feeling :'D

Added some hanging containers to put all my stationeries supplies...

And here's a movable 3 tier of happiness. Yeay!!!!! I'm so happy that I think I shoud go back to Ikea and get more shit again -_-

It also fits into that small leftover area of my small room. I swear that room is so small even I can't fit in to lie down on the floor.

I'm a happy goth but not so happy because the color I actually wanted was not in stock. Goddamnit!!!

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