Friday, February 26, 2010

gothic make up with out black eyeliners (real goth queens)

If you look closely at these 3 photos, they're not using black liners..yeah, surely you can see their eyes are very dark but totally no black liner..but if you can see some fine black line, it is actually the mascara and NOT black liner

they used the dark brown or reddish brown liner..don't worry it will create the same gothic eyes effect..i've tried to find this kind of make up examples because i'm having the problem like some other goths, where the eyes will look weird with the black liner..

so, mom was like "you can't wear black liner coz you're eyes have the natural dark circle shade, so you have to wear sumthing brown and not black!!"

trust me, mom did say sumthing like that.. --_____--''

Abby from NCIS

(dark brown liner only..)

Sharon Den Adel from Within Temptation

(with dark brown line and eyeshadow)

Amy Lee from Evanescence
( mascara, brown eyeshadow, and fine black liner..she looks soo awesome with black liner..)

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